Professional Degree Certificate

Undergraduate Degree Certificate Procedure


Requirements for Graduation Certificates

  1. Official copy of the complete academic transcript.
  2. Official copy of the learning service certificate.
  3. Diploma of second language proficiency: English Proficiency Test (EXCI) with a grade equal or greater than 70,TOEFL or TOEFL ITP from the Self Access Center of the School of Chemistry with their respective percentage, or passed subject of English Communicative Competence (only for students who graduated from December 1999 to date).
  4. No monetary or material debts to the School of Chemistry.
  5. Authorization letter of the academic area director (only for students who graduated less than 5 years ago). It can be requested at the Academic Area Office of each undergraduate program by presenting an academic transcript copy.
  6. Alumni who graduated more than 5 years ago must fulfill any of the following requirements: A) Professional experience in fields related to the undergraduate program, a request form, resume, employer letter(s) from the last 5 years, a copy of the social security registration certificate, and a copy of the articles of incorporation if applicable; B) Taking a free refresher course (further information at the School of Chemistry Career Services).
  7. Pay the corresponding fee for the graduation certificate.
  8. Make a payment of $250 MXN at the UANL University Bookstore for book donation. Deliver the receipt and a copy to the School of Chemistry Main Library; submit the sealed copy to the Career Service Office when receiving the signed Professional Examination Certificates.

* Graduation certificate: $3,000 MXN. Academic transcript: $180 MXN.

** Once the requirements are met, graduation certificates will be delivered within one business day.

*** Students who graduated in 1999 or before will make a payment of $6,000 MXN for record updating, additional to submitting the abovementioned requirements (it includes record updating fee, payment of graduation certificate, and an academic transcript copy).

**** Any graduate of the School of Chemistry whose academic transcript is not available on the Comprehensive System for Management of Academic Services (SIASE) must pay the record-updating fee.


Requirements of the UANL Department of Student Records

  1. Visit the following link to see the required documentation for the procedure of undergraduate degree certificates:
  2. Visit the following link to check the steps of the undergraduate degree certificate procedure:
  3. Comply with the date scheduled by the Department of Student Records to submit documentation and pay the corresponding fees without penalties.


Contact Information:

Department of Student Records

Phone: 8329 4000 Extensions 4031, 4038, 5162, and 5203
E-mail Address:
Fax: 8329 4052

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00


Office of Career Services

Phone:  8329 4000 Extensions 6312 and 6315
E-mail Address:
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00

Undergraduate Program Offices
Phone: 8329 4000
Chemical Engineering: Extension 6281

Industrial Chemistry: Extension 6241
Chemical Pharmaceutical Biology: Extension 6221

Industrial Management Engineering: Extensions 6260 and 6261

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