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University Health Insurance

Program Features

University Health Insurance program is an effective response to the needs of health of UANL students, service provided by “Dr. Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez” Hospital to the UANL students.

With this program students will receive medical/surgical and hospitable care in case of necessity by accident or acute sports injury as it can be:

-During the journey home-school, school-house.

-Inside of the school facilities.

-In Laboratory practices or use of the computers in school projects.

-During workouts or sports competitions as members of representative  teams of their own School.

-In sports or school trips.

These services will be provided invariably in the University Hospital facilities and with the doctors attached to this dependency.

Who can use this program?

Only active students of the UANL Schools,  who have been registered in the program through the administrative authorities of their own School or by the Department of Athletics of UANL,  for the athletes of the representative teams.

Students who are not registered in this program and require attention, it will be provided as a patient of open population, covering the recovery rate that Department of Social Work considers.




I’m an UANL student, means that I am already in the program?

This program is for active UANL students, however, is an essential requirement to be registered specifically in this program and have been covered the recovery rate.

The registration can only be through the direction of the student’s school. This must present the relation of cases to the University Hospital for its authorization and registration, and make the corresponding payment to each student.

The fees paid for these services correspond to school semesters, from February to August, and from August to February. Which requires the renewal of semester to semester by the School.

What should I do if I require attention?

The initial assessment will be provided in the Shock-Trauma Unit. If the required attention corresponds to an actual emergency, the student will receive assistance in this unit. Otherwise it will be referred to other consultant services.

The doctor who initially made the diagnosis, for which the administrative office authorization will be requested, must order the consultation of specialties.

Remember that is necessary to present your valid UANL student ID card, If you don’t have the student ID card reseal of the current semester, you must show the Tuition and Fees proof of payment.

What are the expenses covered by this program?

According to the needs of diagnosis and/or treatment determined by doctors at the University Hospital, they may authorize the student is free of charge, among others, the following services for care:

– Laboratory studies

-Medicines during internment.

-Healing Material and medical equipment.

-Hospital stay in the area of General room.


This program does not include:

-Ambulance service.

-Patient Transfer.

-Medication after the care.

-Home health care.

-Medical Care by disease.

Another type of medical or dental care that is not by accident or acute sports injury.

-Medical/surgical and hospitable care with other service providers for health.

-Prosthesis, implants, or material for special surgeries.


-Pre-existing injuries.

And if the attention received is not as they say?

You can go to the Administrative Office of the University Hospital, where you will be attended immediately to solve your needs.

Avenida Francisco I. Madero y Gonzalitos, Colonia Mitras Centro, C.P. 64460, Monterrey, Nuevo León,

Post office box 1-4469

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