Learning Service

Learning Service

The Division of Learning Service works closely to students to assist them in identifying local Learning Service projects.

What is Learning Service?

Temporary activities that help students connect what they learn through their service with theoretical background, for the benefit of society the State, and the University community, which also complies with the article 53 of the law regulatory of the article 5°constitutional, relating to the exercise of the professions in Mexico.

The duration of the Learning Service may not be less than 6 months and the student should devote to this activity a minimum of 480 hours (4 hours a day for 6 months), of which 24 hours (4 hours per month), are intended for community services.

To perform the Learning Service, the student must register previous semester at the Learning Service Department. Similarly, organizations that wish to apply for students of Social Service must perform the registration of the proposed program.  The dates of registration of students and programs are published at the beginning of each semester.

Contact Information:

Department of Learning Service

Phone:  8329 4000 Extensions 6323 and 6249
E-mail Address: serviciosocial.fcq@uanl.mx
Facebook Page: Servicio Social FCQ UANL
Location: Second floor of the Classroom Building II, South Wing
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00


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