Laboratory Regulations

General Laboratory Regulations

  1. It is the responsibility of the administration of each laboratory to keep it in proper conditions of health, safety and order.
  2. Before starting practices, the professor shall inspect the physical condition of the lab in order to detect risk situations, when this happens, he/she must report this situation to the Director of Laboratory and/or to the laboratory assistant, so it could be resolved. Practice will be suspended if there is no possibility of immediate attention
  3. The practice will be suspended when a situation of risk is presented and endangers the safety, health, equipment and materials or facilities. This must be reported through a written document to the Director of Laboratory or to the Lab Assistant.
  4. Students will be able to work only in the time scheduled for them, which is previous registered in the Department of Career Services and endorsed by the Professor.

If Professor is absent, practices may not be performed.

  1. In case of requiring extraordinary meeting(s), the Professor shall request the authorization in writing to the Director of Laboratory or the Lab Assistant, whom will grant the permission according to the availability of facilities.

Students must respect and comply with the schedule of practices fixed and authorized by the corresponding Undergraduate Program Office

Practices must be performed on time, but when the teacher considers it is necessary to make changes on the program, it should be notified in writing to the Director of Laboratory and/or Lab Assistant, whom will grant the authorization according to the laboratory availability.

  1. The teacher must comply with basic personal protective equipment for laboratory use. Practice may not be performed if the teacher didn’t meet this requirement. Laboratory Assistant must notify the situation to the Director of Laboratory or to the corresponding Undergraduate Program Office, whom will draw up a report of violation of the regulations.

Before students start the practice, it is responsibility of the professor to verify that students have their basic personal protective equipment: safety glasses, a cotton lab coat, (preferably) and closed-toe shoes. The equipment has to be in good conditions.

Practice may not be performed if the student didn’t meet with the requirements mentioned above

  1. During the development of the practice. The professor will ensure that the students use properly the personal protective equipment.

Those Students who do not abide Laboratory Regulations will be reported as a disrespect of the General Laboratory Regulations. The professor will keep a record of it.

The accumulation of 4 faults to the General Laboratory Regulations, involves suspension of practice in the semester to the student and the non-accreditation of the same

Is an essential requirement for teachers and students carry with the handbook of practices and adhere to the rules, procedures and instructions that are in the same.

  1. In relation to the supply, consumption, and disposal of reagents or substances, it is necessary to fulfill with the following provisions:

The reagents are provided by the Institution, therefore calls on lab manager, teachers and students, make rational use of them using only what is necessary, avoiding the waste.

Fulfill with the procedure for the storage, management and disposal of chemicals, which is published in the Laboratories of the Institution and included in all the handbooks of practices.

  1. The teacher must remain in the lab throughout the development of the practice.
  2. Is necessary by registration procedure of assistance that the teacher remains in a visible place.

  1. For security and order reasons, follow the next guidelines:

-Do not run

-Do not use obscene language.

-Do not fiddle around

-Do not bring music players, earphones, or electronic devices.

-Do not consume foods or drinks.

-Do not smoke

-Avoid caps or any other head coverings

– Chewing Gum is not permitted

-No admission for unauthorized persons

-Do not wear shoes with pointed or open toes, such as high heels, flip-flops, or sandals.

-For security, if you have long hair you must tie it.

-Do not wear shorts.

– And do not act foolishly, playfully, or without a clear sense of purpose.

Any violation of this guidelines is considered as a fault to the General Laboratory Regulations

  1. Every person has the obligation to report by written, acts or inadequate conditions to the immediate supervisor responsible, using the format of “acts/conditions report”.
  2. Every student who suffers an injury must report it to the teacher in charge of the practice and if the teacher is missing, you should contact with the Director of Laboratory or the Lab assistant.
  3. If an employee suffers an injury, it must be reported to the immediate boss.
  4. If an accident occurs in laboratories, it should be attended in order to control it.
  5. Every accident in laboratories should be investigated in accordance with the established in the Research Procedure of accidents in the School.
  6. At the end of the practice, the teacher will be responsible for supervising students to sort and clean their work place, ensuring that the laboratory is in the same conditions they received it. To ensure that this guideline is fulfilled, the teacher and the assistant (or laboratory based) will carry out an inspection tour, registering it in the appropriate format.
  7. If a person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, incurs in acts of violence, intentional damage to the property or neglect, or take objects or values without permission, he/she will be immediately reported to the Honor and Justice Committee of the Board of Trustees of the School of Chemistry, who will take the appropriate actions to the case.
  8. General Laboratory Regulations is applicable to teachers and in general to any staff member of the institution.
  9. Everything that is not contemplated in the regulations will be validated by the Health and Safety Committee of the Institution.


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