Wellness and Tutoring Services

Psychological Counseling and Tutoring Services

The Office of Psychological Counseling and Tutoring Services of the School of Chemistry offers counseling support to students, from a psychological and pedagogical approach, in order to help them develop their skills and abilities as students and future professionals.

Our School is committed to the UANL 2020 Vision, which pursues an environment where students find different opportunities for their full development.

By means of individual counseling from a professional psychologist, this office aims to help students with academic, emotional, or interpersonal relationship concerns that may affect their educational and career goals.

The office will help students identify their skills and encourage decision-making. This process will allow students to work on their concerns in a confidential way and learn how to balance their personal and family needs with their academic duties.

Available Services at the Psychological Counseling and Tutoring Office.

You may need individual counseling when:

  • Your academic performance does not satisfy you.
  • You feel overwhelmed due to lack of time.
  • You feel you strive but do not succeed.
  • You feel trapped and you are not sure about the reason of your discomfort.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Academic problems, study habits, time and space planning and organization.
  • Counseling on alcohol or drug abuse: support and monitoring is provided to channel severe cases.

Contact Information:
Lic. Hector Guajardo Cardenas
Phone: (81) 8329 4000 Extension 6236
Opening Hours: 9:00 to 16:00
Location: Second floor of the Classroom Building I

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