Paper collection campaign -FCQ

Paper recycling brings several benefits, among them, the opportunity to increase the awareness of social responsibility. This project has been carried in the last years with a positive impact in the comprehensive education of students and in the care of the environment.

Mega collection of paper and cardboard

The Recycling Committee of the School of Chemistry in charge of the Industrial Management Engineers Committee promotes ecological activities such as paper and cardboard collection that are after separated in special containers for their processing.

FCQ united associations for the recycling of paper

Thanks to the great support within our school, other groups related to our aims take part in this task. The Quality Association ASQ and the student group Ecoquímica are fundamental agents for the implementation of this type of activities.

By virtue of the shown performance at the beginning of the project, “Haz feliz a un árbol” (Make a tree happy) the first goal, to transform it into a permanent one, was achieved, this way we can extend our recycling programs and obtain better results.

Contact Us:

E-mail: juan.floreshrr@uanl.edu.mx

“Haz el bien sin mirar a quien”
(Do what is right, come what may)

Makoa is a student group established due to the students concern about contributing to the society in a positive way, helping people in need and carrying out visits and events. They also look for strategies to help people with psychological and emotional needs, so they can be assisted where possible.

Mission: Makoa is a group of young people engaged in a change of consciousness within our community performing different humanitarian activities such as visits to orphanages, nursing homes, hospitals, among other places where humanitarian work is needed.

Vision: To change people’s minds and promote the charity culture.

Contact Us:

E-mail: makoa.fcq@uanl.mx
Facebook: Makoa

We are a group of university students from different degrees of the School of Chemistry. Our interests are the environment and ecology. Our determination is to avoid the loss of respect for the environment and to create an environmentalist consciousness within our school so as to ensure a more eco-friendly and green future. We peruse this goal by recycling and reforestation campaigns, ecology workshops, talks about how to take care of the environment, advise about waste reduction and how to reuse items.


Contact Us:

Facebook: Ecoquímica

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