Relying on the Institutional Development Plan (UANL 2012-2020) and in pursuance of its Academic Degree Model and considering the Institutional Tutoring Program UANL (2013), the School of Chemistry manages the tutoring as an orientation activity addressed to the students by a form teacher, creating a link that promote the integral formation of the mentees, including the development of academic, personal, and professional competences.

Mission of the Tutoring Program


  • To contribute in the development of the training process’ quality in the area of construction of values, positive attitudes and habits, and the promotion of the development of intellectual abilities in students through the utilization of personalized attention strategies that complement the regular teacher activities.


  • To revitalize the teaching practice through a greater proximity and interlocution between teachers and students in order to create attention alternatives and to influence the integrity of the students professional and human training based on their knowledge about problems and expectations.


  • To contribute in the dejection of the dropout and avoid social insertion of individuals without a finished training, but with serious limitations for their incorporation into the labor market and with high levels of frustration and conflict.


  • To create an environment of confidence that, through knowing the different aspects that can influence directly or indirectly the student’s school performance, allows the achievement of the objectives of the educational process.


  • To contribute in the improvement of the circumstances or conditions of the students learning through the collegial reflection about the information generated in the tutoring process.




Individual Tutoring

In this type of tutoring, the tutor is responsible of serving directly to their mentees to improve his metacognitive and regulatory abilities of learning, as well as keeping a more intense tracing in case of channeling or referrals.

Group tutoring

In this type of tutoring, the tutor is in charge of the attention of a whole students group, his commitment relies on identify his students’ needs and canalize or refer them to workshops, sport, artistic, study strategies, and psychological support groups, and so on, as well as motivating them and trace the results obtained by their referred mentees.

Tutoring Office
Dra. María del Rosario González González, Chemical Pharmaceutical Biologist Degree
M.A. Hilda Mariscal Ramos, Chemical Industrial Degree
Dra. Nancy Dávila Guzmán, Chemical Engineer Degree
M.E.S. Zita Huerta Cerda, Industrial Management Engineer Degree
General director:
L.Q.I. Ma. Angélica López García
email: maria.lopezgr@uanl.edu.mx

Phone: (81)83294000 Extension: 6303
Service: 9:00 a 16:00 hours
Location: Classrooms building I, second floor

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