Talented Student Program

Talented and Gifted Program

(in August each year)

We invite you to the UANL Talented and Gifted Development Institutional Program for Undergraduate Students.

  1. Eligibility
    a) Undergraduate Freshmen
    Ÿ Students who obtained one of the 10 best scores, equal or greater than 1300 points, of the overall evaluation score or according to the area of knowledge of the Undergraduate Student Admission Test.
    Ÿ Students who completed their high school studies at UANL and were part during the last year of the UANL Talented and Gifted Development Institutional Program in the Upper Intermediate Level.*
    b. Continuing Undergraduate Students
    i. Students who obtained a grade point average equal or greater than 95 in the semesters of August-December or January-June during the last year.
    ii. Students who were proposed by UANL undergraduate schools due to outstanding academic performance. Proposals are subject to a review on the evidences of their outstanding performance. *
    According to these criteria, students who were part of the Talented and Gifted Program or carried out an academic exchange during the last year prior to the application could be considered.
  2. Requirements
    Students must:
  3. Be duly registered and enrolled in the UANL Department of Student Records according to Chapter 1 Article 5 of the General Regulations on Student Admission and Permanence.
    b. Comply with the following criteria for the semesters of August-December and January-June prior to the application:
    i. Having covered at least 80% of the course load of each semester.
    ii. Having taken and passed the learning units at first opportunity.
    c. Verifying the performance of the applicants with a copy of their academic transcript and other evidences.*
    d. Submitting the admission application.
    e. Signing a letter of intent and registering in an available program to fulfill their stated commitments.
  4. Document Submission
    a. Admission application**
    b. Letter of intent**
    c. Certificate of studies with grade point average (copy of academic transcript).
    d. Three 1″ x 1 1/4″ or 1.4″ x 2″ photographs.
    *For special cases, include evidences of outstanding academic performance that support their participation in the program.
    **Forms are available on the UANL Website in the Talented and Gifted section.

The Technical Committee of the program will announce the accepted students to each Dean, with a copy to the program managers, who will publish these results.
Any case not considered in this invitation will be subject to the Technical Committee.
Submit your documents to the manager of the Talented and Gifted Program.

Contact Information:

C.P.A. Flor Gonzalez Rodriguez
Manager of the Talented and Gifted Program

Phone: 8329 4000 Extensions 6377 and 6355
Location: Third floor of the Center for Academic Administration and Student Development


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