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Self Access Center

The facilities of the Self Access Center are equipped with 44 work stations (study spaces) from which 2 are multiple cubicles for four people each one, and 3 are individual booths for video. Also, 13 of them are computer equipments for working on Internet, practicing listening comprehension and pronunciation, and 20 more spaces are intended for reading, writing, grammar and conversation. Regarding the Self Access Center staff, it is composed of the head of the department and professors with a bachelor degree and certified as teachers of a second language


The Self Access Center is run by the head of the department and eight teachers who can help you at any moment during your stay as a SAC user. In the classroom, teachers use educational and pedagogical tools promoting the teaching-learning process. Within the department, they have the function of creating material and update the study programs, as well as recommending learning techniques, strategies and material according to each user learning style.

The profile of the teachers who work in this center includes an undergraduate degree in Applied Linguistics major in language teaching. They have experience in language teaching and are trained in the self-learning system; they are continuously trained and attend refresher courses. Some of them have experience as teachers in the USA and others have obtained the Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English (COTE) from the University of Cambridge. They have also passed the first examination to be certified by the Teacher’s Knowledge Test (TKT) of Cambridge.

For the Self Access Center of the School of Chemistry it is a great responsibility to assign a professor to a group, due to that we have a well defined profile for teachers of a second language, which is the following: To have an undergraduate degree major in applied linguistics or to have an undergraduate degree related to languages teaching; to have experience as a languages teacher; to have the Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English (COTE), or at least to have the availability for taking the preparation course for getting the certificate; to consider studying a master degree related to this area; to have self-learning knowledge or, at least, to be willing to learn about this system; to be attentive, patient and kind; to have own initiative; to know how to work in teams; to be creative, with a futuristic vision but focused on the present; and to have psychological balance.

Advisor Teachers

Head of the department: M.E.S. Elva Elena Peña Andrade


Self Access Center of the School of Chemistry SAC of the School of Chemistry
M.E.S. Elva Elena Peña Andrade Head of the Self Access Center D of the School of Chemistry
Lic. María Azucena Bermúdez Ojeda Teacher and Advisor
Lic. Rosa Isela Guillén Zárate Teacher and Advisor
Lic. Eunice Azeneth Castillo Soto Teacher and Advisor
Lic. Edith Oliva Morales Teacher and Advisor
Lic. Cynthia Castillo Soto Teacher and Advisor
Lic. Iracy Cruz Pérez Teacher and Advisor
Lic. Claudia Leticia Coronado Ramos Teacher and Advisor
Lic. Carolina Zambrano Sánchez Teacher and Advisor


There are four levels for English and French. There is also a placement test for those who have taken English or French classes in other schools.


Our Self-Access Center serves university students and extern users who are 16 years old or older at the moment of their register, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  The fee covered by external users may vary from the one paid by university members. However, the registration payment already covers the cost of the book for the course


These are awarded directly and only to employees and talented students of the School of Chemistry. The applicant must go to the Self-Access Center of the School of Chemistry during the first 5 days of registration to request the Scholarship Application.

Once you have brought the Scholarship Application answered and with the corresponding signatures you cannot be withdrawn under any circumstance.

If you withdraw the course or do not comply with its guidelines, the Self-Access Center of the School of Chemistry reserves the right to fulfill the promissory note that covers the total or partial cost of the course in which you are registered.

Students can enter to the Self Access Center system of their choice:

Class System

In the Class System, the registrations are during January and August.  The student of this system must take classes during five hours per week in the chosen schedule and also have to take practical classes in the Self Access Center.

In this system, if the student begins the first level, it takes four semesters to complete the whole course. Students can register to summer or winter courses, to get ahead on levels if they want to reduce their time taking classes. Classes are genuinely interactive; from the beginning the objective is to encourage each student to talk. During each course students are taught about grammar and vocabulary that will help them, according to the complexity of the level in which they are registered, to acquire new knowledge that will be used at the same time they add new information to the previous one. Each course is assessed through written and oral examinations, which must be accredited to continue in the next level. The passing grade is 80 or more. There is no second chance. At the end of the fourth level the goal is to pass the EXCI Test.


Self-learning System

On the self-learning system, there are admissions during the whole year. There is not a deadline for registering.  The user who enters this system for the first time receives training for 40 minutes so the student will make an analysis of needs, which will be the basis for the academic program to be taken. A tour around the Self Access Center will be given to the student and a teacher will explain how to register in the computer when starting a working session, materials classification, the use of video recorders, interactive recorders, computer, etc., as well as how to schedule their oral and written exams, consultancy and conversational sessions.

Each level consists of 8 written tests and 4 oral ones. When the contents of the corresponding units are covered, students can schedule their exams. There is a total of 16 units per level.

In this system, students will advance according to their own pace, since they will continue as quick or slow as they need. Due to the students develop the course at their own time; we can state that it could take them around four semesters as allotted time.

Also, it is important to point out that the student can course as many levels as possible during the semester for just one payment, which is made every six months, not per level.

The self-learning user must attend the Self Access Center four hours per week as minimum to cover the work plan prepared during the training.

The student programs an assessment meeting with the advisor every 15 days to supervise the advance and receive feedback about the development of the course. Users also program their oral exams after covering the first 8 weeks and after the last written exam.

In either of the two systems:

The user counts with a supporting guide, which we will call Suggested Program. With this, the unit will be marked (it is a total of 16), the content that should be cover per unit, the different skills (such as reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar) and in which bibliographical material of the Self Access Center can find it. In the Self Access center there are advisors that can help users when they have a doubt.

Costs and Courses 


  1. In case you have taken English or French classes before at another school and do not want to start with the beginners’ course, we apply a placement test.

($350.00 for university members and $500.00 for external users. Duration 1:20 min. )

  1. Respecting the law of copyright, we do not accept copies in the Self Access Center system; we only use books from Cambridge University Press.


Registrations begin the first day of classes of the UANL during January and August and it is for three weeks, being the last week the unseasonable, and we called it this way because it is the classes of the Self Access center begin.

The placement test must be taken during the first 14 days of registrations.

Also, for those who aim to apply for a scholarship, they must start the process during the first 5 days of registrations. The scholarship does not include the book. The cost of the course includes the course material.


Phone: 8329-4000 ext. 6258
Facebook: caadifcq
Service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays (working days) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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