University Pharmacy

University Pharmacy

The University Pharmacy has an extensive supply of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, as well as medical and laboratory material. It provides community services such as responsible medicine dispensing, recommendations about correct dosages, traditional and non-traditional compounding, professional counseling, and monitoring of patients with chronic diseases.

Functioning as a notification center for possible adverse effects caused by medications, the University Pharmacy complies with the National Pharmacovigilance Program and assists the Ministry of Health in projects of expired medication collection and final disposal.

These services are offered in appropriate facilities with specialized high technology equipment, guaranteeing reliability and competence by the School of Chemistry staff, whose teaching and research support their professionalism.

General Objective

To provide patients with pharmaceutical care in order to support their drug treatment and obtain the best therapeutic outcome in time and cost.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide professional and personalized pharmaceutical care to the patient.
  • To supplement professional health care.
  • To minimize the cost of disease treatment.
  • To promote compliance with pharmacological therapy.
  • To prevent complications due to medication use.
  • To minimize adverse effects.
  • To prevent drug abuse.
  • To improve the life quality of the patient.

The University Pharmacy has professional staff qualified to offer the following services:

  • Patient counseling – considering possible allergies, indications and contraindications of over-the-counter and prescription medication, including herbalists.
  • Recommendations to the patient – seeking the optimal use of medication, taking into account storage, correct dosages, as well as the prevention or minimization of adverse effects.
  • Patient monitoring – identifying adverse effects and medication effectiveness, promoting continuing treatment to achieve the expected outcome.
  • Compounding – such as balms and ointments prescribed by a doctor for a specific patient.
  • Education to patients and their families – about chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, seeking a better disease control and minimizing long-term effects.



The undergraduate program in Chemical Pharmaceutical Biology, aware of its social commitment to health, has resumed activities in pharmaceutical care, including responsible medicine dispensing in order to improve the life quality of patients.

The expected outcomes of pharmacological therapy aim to cure diseases, relieve or reduce symptoms, slow or stop disease development, among others.

The University Pharmacy is a new concept of pharmaceutical care, offering the community in the metropolitan area of Monterrey the services below:

  • Sale of medications.
  • Professional counseling to the patient and their families on optimal medication use.
  • Development of traditional compounding for human and veterinary use.
  • Information services through conferences and courses for chronic diseases control, in direct collaboration with the Center for Drug Information and other healthcare professionals.


Q.F.B. Sandra Leticia Gracia Vasquez
Health Professional

Q.F.B. Alejandra Pinos Escobar
Director of the Pharmacy

Contact Information:

Phone: 8329 4000 Extensions 6223 and 6314
E-mail Address:
Facebook Page: Farmacia Universitaria FCQ
Opening Hours: Monday

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