Clinical Laboratory


Clinical Laboratory

The “Q.F.B. Iris Guajardo” laboratory has served the community for over 40 years. It holds the proper equipment to provide high standard services by offering internal and external quality controls assured by PACAL (Quality Assurance Program).



Established in 1954, the Clinical Laboratory serves as a connection between University and Society. One of the aims of this Laboratory is to provide the community with clinical analysis support at affordable cost.

It also holds the S.S.A. license (19 046 12 00 1) to operate as Auxiliary Laboratory for Analytical Control for Sanitary Regulation (Microbiological Analyses).

Medical Tests

This laboratory offers routine tests for the following diagnostic areas.


-Complete Blood Count


-Reticulocyte Count

-Bleeding Time


– Prothrombin Time

-Partial Thromboplastin Time

Chemistry Panel

-Complete Blood Chemistry

-Lipid profile

-Liver panel

-Cardiac Enzymes


-Among others


– HIV Test

-VDRL test

-Febrile Reactions Panel

-Rheumatoid Profile

-Urine and blood Pregnancy test

– H.Pylori lgG determination

-Blood Group and Rh factor


-Stool ova and parasite exam

-Stool ova and parasite exam (serial)

-Stool test

-Among others


Cultures and y Antibiograms:

-Throat culture

-Vaginal swab

-Nasal swab

-Ear culture

-Stool test

-Hand bacterial culture

-KOH test

-Among others

Additional Services

Apart from the Social Service program, we serve other companies requiring a staff examination and home examination at competitive prices. We also offer sterility and product testing for pharmaceutical companies.

Additionally, we offer the business community sampling service delivery and medical tests such as hematic biometry, blood group and Rh factor, chemistry 24 panel, doping test, urinalysis, stool ova and parasite exam, among others.

Contact Us:

Clinical Laboratory

Facebook: Laboratorio de Análisis Químico Clínico

Telephone and fax numbers: 83-29-40-00 Ext. 011+52
Sample collection schedule: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 9:30 hours.
Office hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00 hours.
Location: Laboratory building of The School of Chemistry (Ground floor, round building).

Visit our YouTube channel to know more about the Technologic Services Department.

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