Research Areas

Graduate Degree of Sciences Major in Environmental Analytic Chemistry

-Coordination compounds applied to environmental systems.
-Determination of the level and distribution of pollutants in environmental matrices.
-Treatment of pollutants in an aqueous medium.
-Development of effective methods for the analysis and treatment of pollutants in the environment.
-Implementation of chemometrics methods.
-Modeling of chemical systems.

Graduate Degree of Sciences Major in Pharmacy

-Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacoepidemiology
-Synthesis and evaluation of biotechnology products and study of the mechanisms for pharmacological action.
-Study of natural products with pharmacological activity
-Development and evaluation of conventional and modified pharmaceutical forms of release.
-Computational synthesis and studies of organic compounds with pharmacological activity

Graduate Degree of Sciences Major in Sustainable Processes

-Control, Modeling and Optimization of processes
-Engineering of Sustainable Processes
-Water Treatment
-Alternative Energies
-New Materials

Graduate Degree of Sciences Major in Chemical Composition of Materials

-Design, production and evaluation of solar cells.
-Green Synthesis of new generation materials.
-Innovative Techniques for obtaining nanomaterials.
-Synthesis of new materials for the production of batteries.
-Manufacture of materials for fuel cells.
-Synthesis of molecular materials with various applications.
-Design and implementation of chemical and biological sensors.
-Obtaining of materials for biomedical applications.
-Synthesis of new magnetic materials

Graduate Degree of Sciences Major in Applied Microbiology

-Exploitation of Agro-industrial waste
-Bioenergy and biofuels
-Removal of pollution
-Biodegradation of recalcitrant and emerging organic pollutants
-Development of Therapeutic Agents
-Production and Application of Recombinant Proteins
-Development of products for industrial interest

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