Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Laboratory of Molecular Biology


Name: Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Director of Laboratory: Dr. Alberto Gomez Treviño

Academic Area of Director: Biotechnology and Biochemistry

E-mail Address:

Location: Center for Specialty Laboratories

Phone: 8329 4000 Extension 6359


The Laboratory of Molecular Biology is committed to applying manipulation techniques to DNA, RNA, and proteins for supporting research projects in microbiology and biotechnology.

Research Professors:
1. Dr. Alberto Gomez Treviño
2. Dr. Maria Elena Cantu Cardenas
3. Dr. Xristo Zarate Kalfopulos

Research Areas:
1. Applied Microbiology
2. Cell Metabolism
3. Applied Biotechnology

Equipment and Instruments:
1. Cell culture area
2. PCR thermal cyclers
3. Electrophoresis equipment
4. Microscopes
5. Class II biosafety cabinets
6. Cryogenic equipment
7. Refrigerated centrifuges

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