Laboratory of Metrology

Laboratory of Metrology

Name: Laboratory of Metrology

Director of the Laboratory: MII Santiago Rolando Pruneda Sanchez

E-mail Address:

Phone: 8329 400 Extension 6359

Academic Area of Director: Industrial Management Engineering

Location: Second floor of the Classroom Building I, East Wing


The Laboratory of Metrology is committed to research by producing dimensional reports on length, surface, and hardness, as well as supporting different areas such as probability, statistical control, metrology, applied statistics, drawing, CAD, CAM, machines, and tools. The equipment has been allocated for eight established practices.

Equipment and Instruments:

  1. Indirect-reading contact equipment
  2. Direct-reading equipment
  3. Analog-reading equipment
  4. Lead gauges
  5. Digital reading equipment
  6. Rockwell hardness tester
  7. Surface roughness gauge
  8. Roundness measurement equipment


Dimensional metrology in length, surface, and hardness.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 (it can be adapted to the needs of the groups).

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