Laboratory of Materials I

Laboratory of Materials I

Name: Laboratory of Materials I

Director of Laboratory: Dr. Alejandro Vazquez Dimas

Academic Area of Director: Optoelectronic Materials

Location: Second floor of the Center for Specialty Laboratories

Phone: 8329 4000 Extension 6362

The Laboratory of Materials I is committed to research by providing infrastructure and human resources for the development of micro and nano-structured materials with optoelectronics applications.

Research Professors:

  1. Dr. Boris I. Kharisov
    2. Dr. Idalia Gomez de la Fuente
    3. Dr. Alejandro Vazquez Dimas
    4. Dr. Yolanda Peña Mendez
    5. Dr. Tomas Hernandez Garcia
    6. Dr. Thelma Serrano Quezada
    7. Dr. Israel Lopez Hernandez

Research Areas:
1. Nanochemistry and organometallic chemistry
2. Optoelectronic materials and nanochemistry
3. Electrophoretic deposition and nanochemistry
4. Materials chemistry and solar cell application
5. Materials chemistry  and spintronic materials
6. Nanostructured hybrid materials
7. Plasmonic materials and nanochemistry


Equipment and Instruments:
1. Atomic force microscopy
2. Differential and thermogravimetric thermal analysis equipment
3. Picoammeter
4. Profilometer
5. UV-Vis
6. Particle size analyzer (by DLS)
7. Solar simulator

Sample analyses and consulting

Opening Hours:
From 9:00 to 18:00


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