Laboratory of Electrochemistry

Laboratory of Electrochemistry


Name: Laboratory of Electrochemistry

Director of Laboratory: Dra. Leonor Maria Blanco Jerez

Academic Area of Director: Synthetic Chemistry

E-mail Address:

Location: Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Phone: 8329 4000 Extension 3456


The Laboratory of Electrochemistry is committed to research by applying electrochemical techniques to synthesize coordination compounds with biological properties and remove water pollutants.

Research Professors:

  1. Dr. Ulises Matia Garcia Perez (Center for Research and Innovation in Aeronautical Engineering; School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)
  2. Dr. Jose Peral Perez (UAB)

Research Areas:

  1. Materials and Environmental Analytical Chemistry
  2. Photocatalysis

Equipment and Instruments:

  1. FTIR spectrometer
  2. UV instruments
  3. Potentiostats
  4. Fluorescence steady state spectrofluorometer
  5. Ultrasonic dismembrator
  6. HACH photometer


IR and UV spectroscopic characterization of samples.

Opening Hours:

From 8:00 to 18:00

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