Laboratory of Biotechnology I

Laboratory of Biotechnology I


Name: Laboratory of Biotechnology I

Director of Laboratory: Dr. Maria Elena Cantu Cardenas

Academic Area of Director: Biotechnology and biochemistry

E-mail Address:

Location: Third floor of the Center for Specialty Laboratories, North Wing

Phone: 8329 4000 Ext. 6340

The Laboratory of Biotechnology I is committed to research by applying microorganisms to microbiological processes of bioremediation, generating microbial products with potential biotechnological uses, and assessing the antimicrobial properties of different compounds.

Research Professors:
1. Dr. Juan Francisco Villarreal Chiu
2. Dr. Edgar Allan Blanco Gamez
3. Dr. Maria Elena Cantu Cardenas
4. Dr. Maria Teresa Garza Gonzalez

Research Areas:
1. Production of microbial polymer and Biodegradation of pollutants.
2. Study of extremophilic microorganism by obtaining and applying its metabolites.
3. Microbial production for biotechnological use and biodegradation of emerging pollutants.
4. Bioremediation of recalcitrant and emerging pollutants.

Equipment and Instruments:
1. Analytical balances
2. Autoclaves
3. Laminar flow cabinets
4. Incubators and incubator shakers
5. Microscopes
6. UV-Vis spectrophotometer
7. Lyophilizer

Equipment and instruments are available only to graduate students.

Opening Hours:
From 9:00 to 18:00

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