Center for Research in Biotechnology and Nanotoxicology (CIBYN)

The CIBYN is a center pursuing the promotion of research and interdisciplinary innovation in biotechnology and nanotoxicology. Training Mexico and World’s future leader scientists in interdisciplinary research is the key objective of this institution son it was conceived to create professional and personal development opportunities for scientists, researchers and students at all levels in every knowledge field related to biotechnology and nanotoxicology. At the same time seeks to offer technical services, consulting and counseling for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, environmental and health industries. Those efforts aim to perform a state-of-art scientific and technological research in order to contribute to solve technological challenges that may be encountered within both public and private sectors and improving people’s living standard in Mexico and around the Globe.


On January 17th, 2012, Nuevo León State Gov. Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz and UANL President Jesús Ancer Rodríguez launched the building work of the Center for Research in Biotechnology and Nanotoxicology, or CIBYN within the Nuevo León State Technological Innovation and Research Park facilities located in the municipality of Apodaca. This great project envisions a four stages plan to construct a sustainable three-story building that will house twenty laboratories, an auditorium, a library, a multi-purpose hall, and offices among another scientific, administrative and social departments erected in an area nearly of 55,600 sq. ft. (5,200 m2).

With a more than 60 million MXN (3,570,000 USD) initial investment, the second stage of the project was concluded on November 17th, 2015 and UANL’s School of Chemistry took over the CIBYN in order to provide and interdisciplinary innovation and research platform in biotechnology and nanotoxicology, and in turn, this Center has the mandate of solving health and environmental issues through knowledge creation, innovative technology, training of experts and offer of professional services to public and private productive sectors.



Researchers: To encourage progress and dissemination of science and technology through interdisciplinary cooperation focused on three globally important areas: health, energy and environment.

CIBYN: To be a driving force for the innovation, research, economic development, and social prosperity in Mexico and all over the World.


To be a world-class interdisciplinary Center in scientific-technological research and innovation on biotechnology and nanotoxicology.


The CIBYN draws individuals from Nuevo León State, Mexico and the World who want to impact beyond the frontiers of their own achievements. CIBYN’s people will be “global citizens” conducted by the values of passion, competitiveness, inspiration, civility, diversity, moral integrity, and freedom. The following seven main values will govern the members of CIBYN:

  • To focus on the training of top-level human resources within the field of research.
  • To build research and technology in an interdisciplinary environment with a regional or global impact.
  • To develop every action in a sustainable context.
  • To promote leadership, ethic and socially responsible decision-making.
  • To commit with diversity, quality, and excellence for all activities performed at the Center.
  • To achieve that CIBYN’s reputation may reach a standard of excellence and transform it into a global reference body.
  • To motivate students’ participation at all levels, researchers and scientists for every activity in the Center. Human resources trained in the CIBYN, their actions and contributions will be the most esteemed legacy of it.

Dr. José Ruben Morones Ramírez

Head of the Center for Research in Biotechnology and Nanotoxicology.

Tel: 83-29-40-00 Ext. 3439

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