Graduate Studies in Sciences

MA and PhD in sciences with major in: Sustainable Processes, Pharmacy, Materials Chemistry, Environmental Analytic Chemistry, and Applied Microbiology.
Call for August-December 2018

Admission/Selection Requirements:
1.- Bring the following documents to the next departments:
a). – Office of Graduate Studies (Sub-Dirección de Estudios de Posgrado): University report card, curriculum vitae, an explanation letter, and two recommendation letters, a copy of an official ID with photograph (Voter ID or passport) and a 2.5 x 3.0 cm, 1″ x 1 1/4″ (approx.) photo (if you are foreign, please bring a copy of your visa and Temporary Residence Card).
b). – Graduate Studies Department (Departamento de Escolar Posgrado): Five 2.5 x 3.0 cm, 1″ x 1 1/4″ (approx.) photos, original report letter, a copy of your Sole Population Registration Code (CURP), and a copy of your College’s degree or professional license copy.
2.- Minimum average of 80 (if you are foreign, bring an official document of your previous institution with an equivalent average).
3.- Take the corresponding tests.
4.- Minimum average of the EXCI, MA: 50 (460 TOEFL) PhD: 70 (533 TOEFL).
5.- Go to the interview with the admission committee.
6.- Once you have been accepted, you can perform the registration procedures.
If you are foreign, please make your test registration 3 months before. You can check the procedures in this link:

Contact. –Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 19:00 hours Av. Guerrero at the corner of Calle Progreso Colonia Treviño, Monterrey, N.L. Direct Phone Number: (81) 13 40 44 15, Switchboard: (81) 83 29 40 00 ext. 3406 E-mail:,
DRA. LUCÍA GPE. CANTÚ CÁRDENAS, Tel. (81) 83 29 40 00 Ext. 6227, Email:
DRA. MA. ELENA CANTÚ CÁRDENAS, Tel. (81) 83 29 40 00 Ext. 6227, Email:
DRA. MA. IDALIA DEL C. GÓMEZ DE LA FUENTE, Tel. (81) 83 29 40 00 Ext. 6241, E-mail:
DR. EDGAR JOCSAN RUIZ RUIZ, Tel. (81) 83 29 40 00 Ext. 3432, E-mail:
DRA. NANCY ELIZABETH DÁVILA GUZMÁN, Tel (81) 83 29 40 00 Ext. 6235, E-mail:
Specific area and Psychometric test $1,000.00
Internal Tuition (at registration) $ 4,020.00


The costs may change without prior notice.

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