Master of Science Major in Applied Microbiology

MA in Sciences Major in Applied Microbiology

Officially recognized by the National Program for Quality Graduate Studies of the National Council on Science and Technology (Recently Recognized)
Areas of Interest: Natural and Exact Sciences
Type of Degree: Master Degree
Academic Degree: Maestro en Ciencias con Orientación en Microbiología Aplicada
Length of Course: 2 years
Date of Recognition: November 30, 2011
Number of Official Recognition: 556501
National Acredittation
Program of Study
To educate highly competitive and international human resources who are capable of applying the scientific method in interdisciplinary manners to solve problems within the academic, scientific and industrial areas, besides focusing on innovation, control, optimization, and process improvement and leading towards microbiology
Promote research in the field of microbiology with emphasis on the use of microorganisms, microbiological. Implementation of new technologies, design of microbial processes for the production of biological products, solving problems of biological control in different areas, in order to contribute to the scientific, technological and social progress of the region and the country in the productive sector

Graduates of the master degree will acquire scientific knowledge and be able to analyze and solve problems in the industries of food, medicine and other products of high added value, environmental, biotechnology, and clinical area; through activities that enable the detection, monitoring and control of microorganisms in various environments.
Applicants must be professionals in related areas of knowledge, basic skills of verbal and mathematical reasoning, speaking and writing, a marked sense of responsibility, discipline and respect for the environment, in addition basic knowledge in the areas of chemistry and mathematics, physics and physical chemistry.

Labor Market
Graduates of Master Degree of Sciences have the knowledge, skills and competence to continue with doctoral studies or engage in research. Solving pharmaceutical problems, training and consulting in the field of health care, able to work in food industries, beverages, enzymes, medicines, and other products of high added value.
Social Significance
Graduates of Master Degree of Sciences have a deep knowledge on scientific and technological basis, a fully qualified domain of experimental methods to obtain new knowledge and results of high scientific quality, which later would be implemented in the resolution of microbiology issues, in academic, scientific or industrial fields.
Continuing Professional Development
The Master Degree of Science Major in Pharmacy is fundamentally a way of continuous updating due to the knowledge, skills and competences that are taught. It also offers the opportunity to continue with Doctoral Degrees in the field of pharmaceutics at the same University or external institutions.

Operational Hazard
Depending on the field of professional performance, the graduate will be exposed to different chemical substances and it is important to follow recommendations from National and International Organizations that regulates chemical industries in order to safeguard the integrity of individuals.

Specific Requierements
Applicants must register and take the admission tests: the General Knowledge Test and the English Proficiency Test (EXCI, Spanish acronym) of the competition for admission to graduate studies, as established by the University Senate. Foreign applicants must also take and pass the UANL Spanish test. Applicants must pay the enrollment fees set by UANL and the School of Chemistry, as well as complying with the entrance provisions of the UANL General Regulations of Graduate Studies and the School of Chemistry Internal Regulations. For any special case, the Master Degree Committee will determine whether applicants are admitted or rejected

Director of Graduate Studies in Applied Microbiology:
Dra. Maria Elena Cantu Cardenas
Phone: 8329-4000 Extension: 6227

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