Master of Business Administration Major in Marketing and International Trade

Master of Business Administration Major in Marketing and International Trade

Areas of interest: Social and Administrative Sciences
Degree Level: Graduate Studies
Type of Degree: Master
Academic Degree: Master of Business Administration Major in Marketing and International Trade
Length of Course: 6 four-month terms
Number of Official Recognition
November 8th, 1973

The purpose of the Master of Business Administration is educating humane leaders with full qualifications for organizational management and innovation, contributing to the achievement of objectives even in the most complex and changing environments. They will be able to interact with the different functional areas of companies and organizations, as well as external groups affecting or being affected by their performance.
The major in Marketing and International Trade offers the necessary approach to promoting and prompting international business through the intelligent use of marketing strategies. This is based on the current global economic integration, which has eased the trade not only of products but also capital flow, workforce, and services, stimulating international business among companies around the world. Furthermore, marketing is now essential in conducting local and international business and constantly developing sustainable competitive advantages for companies.

Graduates of the master degree will acquire wide knowledge on administration work and be able to identify, analyze and solve current or potential problems, proposing innovative ideas to improve organization through management tools and techniques in order to face them systematically.
They will be also effective leaders based on the thorough understanding of their organization and the external environment, which allows to modify criteria and work methods for guiding organizational efforts according to the changes in the environment, being able to develop or maintain competitive advantages toward achieving the organizational goals.
Similarly, graduates will be responsible and effective partners with multidisciplinary teamwork as well as external agents to establish agreements for accomplishing the objectives.
This will be possible through a broad knowledge and the application of different techniques for analyzing and solving problems to make timely decisions in the areas of executive management, finance, entrepreneurship, new business development, human capital development, marketing, international trade, and supply chain management.

Incoming students are professionals in any area, preferably with work experience and basic English and information technology skills. They are willing to work in teams, having great interest in the research and analysis of topics regarding executive management, finance, entrepreneurship, new business development, marketing, international trade, logistics, supply chain, and human capital development.

Labor Market
This program is relevant at the regional, national and international contexts, as it will keep creating human resources that are trained in areas related to administration, favoring both the industrial and business sector, and society at large.
Social significance
By means of its Academic Programs, our School meets the needs at educating human resources in relevant administrative areas, with which society can extend and update their different professionals in the labor market. The School also covers the necessary education of entrepreneurs and managers who have wide knowledge and abilities to cope with the changing demand of the graduating student qualities, which the production environment requires from current professionals, as well as overcoming the challenges of managing human and financial resources, planning projects, and adapting the processes for the efficient use of assets and human-financial resources in order to increase business competitiveness.
Continuing Professional Development
The Center for Continuing Education of the School of Chemistry offers seminars, certifications, and courses to update and educate our successful human capital.
Professional Challenges.
Making decisions under pressure and uncertainty.
Specific Requirements
Applicants must register and take the admission tests: the General Knowledge Test and the English Proficiency Test (EXCI, Spanish acronym) of the competition for admission to graduate studies, as established by the University Senate. Foreign applicants must also take and pass the UANL Spanish test. Applicants must pay the enrollment fees set by UANL and the School of Chemistry, as well as complying with the entrance provisions of the UANL General Regulations of Graduate Studies and the School of Chemistry Internal Regulations. For any special case, the Master Degree Committee will determine whether applicants are admitted or rejected.

Director of Graduate Studies in Business Administration:
Dr. Eli Samuel Gonzalez Trejo
Phone: 8329-4000 Extension: 3441

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