Office of Graduate Studies

Objective of Graduate Studies

To educate highly competent professionals, scientists, and humanists through the creation and application of high-level professional knowledge and practice, who will be capable of innovatively contributing to the solution of local, regional, national, and international issues.

Functions of the Assistant Director of Graduate Studies:

  1. To manage the graduate academic programs.
  2. To be an ex-officio member at the Graduate Committees of the School of Chemistry.
  3. To propose the necessary consulting committees for her functions.
  4. To allocate members for the Master and Doctoral Dissertation Committees.
  5. Any function established by the Internal Regulations of the School of Chemistry.
  6. To promote and enforce the agreements issued by the University Senate and the Board of Graduate Studies.

Dra. Ma. Araceli Hernandez Ramirez

Assistant Director of Graduate Studies




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