Administrative Office


To plan, coordinate and keep control of financial, material, and human resources that keep running the School in order to support teaching, research, as well as cultural and sports diffusion.

Some of the duties are described below:

  • To act as substitute in case the Dean is absent.
  • To serve as secretary of the board of trustees and its committees, keeping a record of the meetings.
  • To assist the Dean’s Office when preparing the annual budget.
  • Under the authorization of the Dean, this department will provide information to internal or external offices.
  • To keep the information about the School’s material, financial and human resources up to date.
  • To maintain the current coordination with diverse academic and administrative offices for the good image of the School.
  • To plan, manage, control and direct the administrative, technical, maintenance and general services staff activities.
  • To assist the teaching staff with administrative affairs.
  • To support and supervise the School’s student organizations activities.
  • To provide administrative services to students.
  • Along with the Dean’s Office, this Office will be responsible for the economic, material and physical resources of the School.
  • To help the Dean’s Office in managing and obtaining resources.
  • To submit reports of activities to the appropriate authorities when requested.
  • To assist the Dean’s Office in the development of special projects.

Dra Maria Teresa

Dra. María Teresa Garza González

Subdirectora Administrativa

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